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2018 Paint Color Trends

Every new year Trusted Pro Painters is looking out for the newest paint color trends on the market so that YOU can keep up with the what’s in style for your home and business. It’s going to be a “Bold” year!

Colored paint brushes

If you follow Trusted Pro Painters on Facebook, you’ll know that the 2018 color of the year was announced by Pantone as 18-3838 “Ultra Violet”. This thoughtful and imaginative color will brighten up the 2018 year and what’s to come. In short, this purple tone symbolizes experimentation and nonconformity, inspiring individuals to make their mark on the world and push creative boundaries. This bright and inspiring shade of Ultra Violet will look stunning in your next Rocklin interior painting for use in a hallway, bathroom or spare bedroom. Read more on the 2018 color of the year.

Pantone color of the year

(Image credit: Pantone)

Interior Painting

This year’s “hot” paint color trends are taking Rocklin interior painting by storm. The same hues recently seen in world fashion shows across are expected to decorate Rocklin interior homes in the Sacramento area for 2018. These new color spectrums are deep, dark, and BOLD, in contrast to soft grays and pale neutrals from previous years.

Topping the list is Klein blue. A deep shade of blue similar to ultramarine blue that will bolster up a bedroom or living room with boldness!

Klein Blue

Various greens are expected to be popular for 2018, although, not the “pure” greens most of us are used to. Instead, a collection of cultured greens ranging from bright celery to rich avocado. Look to pair these greens with other exotic colors such as coral and canary yellow.

Bright celery Rich avocado

Bright accent colors are extremely important to help place emphasis on contrast or rhythm, depending on your taste. These colors are best utilized as trim colors to give a vivid and bold impression. Trendy accent colors for 2018 are said to include shades of red such as fuschia, lavender, and scarlet, as seen below. We expect to see these colors hit the walls of Rocklin interior painting jobs this year.

fuschia Lavender Scarlet

If you’re one that’s looking to spice up the interior of your home this year, learn more about our interior design services.

Exterior Painting

Rocklin exterior painting

(Image credit: Houzz)

It’s arguable that the exterior of your home is the most important piece of attraction because everyone views it from your neighbors, visitors and potential new buyers. It’s important for that reason to keep up to date on the most recent exterior trends for 2018. Trends for this year are indicating that making a statement with your home’s exterior will be priority, as well as complementing it. As noted earlier, “bold” is the key fashion trend for 2018. On that note, let’s dive into this year’s exterior painting trends.

A key concept for creating a color palette for your next Rocklin exterior painting is to make it both bold and dynamic. Professional painters do this by using light and dark shades of similar colors – blue, black, gray – along with one bold accent color to make the entire creative color scheme pop!

Easy steps to choosing a color palette:

  • Choose the main color from your home’s architectural palette
  • Find 1-2 complementary shades of color. Usually to the left or right of your main color on the color wheel.
  • Choose one accent color to stand out in your palette.
    • Usually at the opposite end of the color spectrum.

2018 is the year to be bold and make your home stand out with an exterior paint job. Follow these latest paint trends to give your home trend the look it deserves.

Interested in a Rocklin exterior painting this year? Learn about Trusted Pro Painters exterior paint services.